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Our aim to is help you, the consumer, make that all important decision and to make sure that you get exactly the diamond you want. The following pages have been compiled by our experts and are designed in such a way as to help you decide on which stone is right for you as well as give you some background information which you may find useful.

Throughout history the diamond has been revered as having an irresistibly seductive power all of its own. This reputation is due to its brilliance, its fire and the fact that it is the rarest, most expensive and therefore most desirable of all gems.

Nowadays, a diamond is as true a symbol of love and commitment as one can hope for and so buying the perfect diamond for that special occasion is a crucially important decision.

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Welcome to Buy A Diamond, the UK's premier online diamond jewellery portal.


Buying a diamond is something special. It is an important decision; and we know how hard a decision it can be.

This is where we can help...